Friday, October 10, 2008

Dancing into Being

Well - as this is just me starting out on this, what I hope will be an, incredible journey, I'll keep it brief.

This blog is to record my journey into the spiritual and sensual depths of Tantra - a path too complex to enter onto lightly and too important not to enter onto at all. I bring with me my enthusiasm for the new, my optismism that I will cope well with whatever the path throws up (and it's sure to stir up something from the depths!) and my ever patient and incredibly supportive husband, M. I hope that the blog will show what real people experience when they begin a journey like this. A journey towards deeper intimacy and a real sexual understanding of one another.

I admit to being a little nervous. I have intimacy issues which I know are about to get caught in these powerful tantric headlights, but my desire to heal myself of any known or unknown (unconscious) sexual disfunction is strong and I am willing to try if for no other reason than I love my husband and I want us to truly know one another.

Tantra is not just about sex or sexual positions or extended orgasm. At least that is not my understanding of it, though certainly those things do figure along the way. Tantra is a spiritual practice and one that seeks to unite us with each other and through lovemaking, with the Divine. It is a path that requires patience and dedication. Hence this blog - a way of keeping myself on path and recording the journey so that I may learn twice - once in the doing and once in the remembering and recording.

My husband is nervous about our lovemaking, the most intimate part of any relationship and the most private, being splayed out in cyberspace for all to see. That is why this blog is anonymous. I will not refer to myself or my husband by name and there will be no pictures of the two of us together. So, if you are expecting salacious words or images you'll be sorely disappointed. This is not a perve fest, it is a genuine exploration of a very ancient and very misunderstood spiritual path.

So why the name Dancing Dakini? Well, I have travelled to Cambodia - to the temples of Ankhor and I fell in love with the Dancing Dakini's there. A Dakini is an elusive tantric deity that might best be described as a female embodiment of enlightened energy. The word Dakini means 'she who traverses the sky' or 'she who moves in space' - this has been more poetically translated as Sky Dancer or Sky Walker. I like that idea. That my journey may lead me into an intimate dance with the Beloved - dancing among the stars, dancing through sky and space together. So I have become a dancing dakini and I will start my journey here with an open mind and an open heart.

May I prove to be worthy of the knowledge I seek.